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Monday, July 11, 2016

Folders Structure Enhancement in 1.0.22

Projects 1.0.22 includes this major update:

Improved Folders Structure

Summer is  a perfect time to relax, sit back and clean up your thoughts and drawers. Projects team also takes this opportunity to make some rearrangements for better.  

Projects used to invade your Google Drive by creating the attachment folders for areas and projects directly to the root. So, after ten projects or so we imagine it was not easy to find anything in this dump.  

From now on, we got more organized. There is just a folder added to the Drive by default. The sub-folders for new projects and areas are created under it automatically. 

Please note, the Attachments folders are gone. All documents will be loaded directly to the project or area folder. 

We do not limit the ability to select any location for the attached documents, though. 

Be aware, we do not touch you current folders structure. So if you would like to move already existing folders under the “”, you have to do it manually

Another improvement is made for the cases when you happen to delete the folder with attachments completely, even from the Trash! In this situation, should you have a new artifact uploaded, a new project (or area) folder will be created under the “” automatically. 

What’s next?

As mentioned earlier,  we work hard on the new awesome version of Projects.  For those who can’t wait to see it, a sneak peak of the new UI will be in our next posts!

Keep your documents organized and stay tuned!