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Friday, January 29, 2016

Emails to Tasks and Enhanced Work Logging in 1.0.20

Projects 1.0.20 includes two major updates.

Work Logging

Remember the times when you could log work only for today? Those times are now officially over. 

From now on, you can log work time not only for today, but also for any past day in the current month. 

Watch out! As soon as the clock strikes 12 on the last day of the month, no more logging work for that month! So make sure you’ve left nothing unlogged on the last day of the month. 

It's also impossible to log work for the future. Not done – not logged. We cannot predict the future, sorry! 

Emails to Tasks

The second major feature we’ve added is converting emails to tasks. 

If you want to create a task from an email, you don’t have to copy and paste it anymore. You can just go to the Details dialog of the project or area where you’d like to create a task and copy the email address of that project or area

Then simply forward the email to this address, and Projects will automatically convert it into a task. 

The subject of the email will become the title of the task, and the body of the email will be the description. 


We cannot give you any details just yet, but we’re working on a really major update for Projects, including a beautiful new UI. 

Stay tuned if you don’t want to miss it! Sneak peek coming soon! 

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