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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are you making this management mistake?

Over coffee my colleague Kevin poured his troubles into my sympathetic ear. 
He had received an email from his client and had promptly answered it. 
Little did he know that the sales team had also received the letter and answered it as well! Not just answered it – their answer contradicted Kevin's! 
The client, as you can well imagine, was really confused. So could they help him or not? The support team's answer told him in black and white that they'd be happy to help. The sales team, however, had a different answer for him – what he wanted simply couldn't be done! 

Who's to blame here? What advice should I give Kevin? (I'm typing this as he's refilling his coffee cup) 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Are you Julius Caesar?

Are you Julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar was a soldier, a politician, a strategist, an orator and an author. He could dictate four letters while riding on horseback and listening to his soldier's report.

In our world, that would equal typing four emails at the same time on your mobile phone while driving and listening to your secretary telling you the schedule for today.

Ever tried to type an email while someone is talking to you and found you have written out what they are saying? If yes, you've felt what havoc multitasking can wreak with your brain.

Are we all so multi-faceted?