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Monday, August 17, 2015

Checkboxes and +Mentions in 1.0.19

Projects 1.0.19 is proud to present the following changes:

  • Now you can add checkboxes to the description of a task. If your task includes several sub-tasks, you can add them to the description by typing [-]. A completed checkbox will have the symbol [+]. 

When you put a check in a checkbox, it looks like this:

  • +Mentions will now automatically suggest work groups and your colleagues' names so that you don't have to type them. Autocompletion will do that for you! 

  • The assignee picker now allows you to assign a task to a non-member of this project/area and share this project/area at the same time. If you assign a task to a person outside this project, Projects will ask the owner permission to share this project and assign this task to the chosen assignee. 

  • There are lots of minor improvements in 1.0.19 to make your task management even more comfortable. 
Go ahead and try those checkboxes right now!