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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We've improved navigation in 1.0.4

Projects 1.0.4 presents:

  • Users and groups are loaded much faster.

  • We've fixed a critical issue in sharing and changing the owner of a project or an area.

  • Google Drive authorization, which had became out-of-date, is now gracefully handled for working with attachments.

  • Tags in the tasks details panel are now correctly aligned.

  • Projects or areas with no open tasks are now displayed in grey text.

  • Projects or areas that are not shared are now displayed in italics.

  • The “Move To” dialog now shows empty projects or areas in the same way as in the navigation panel.

  • The path to the current list of an area or a project now reads easier.

  • We've fixed several specific cases of handing drag and drop between different kinds of lists.

  • Exporting a project or area now correctly exports unassigned tasks. 

  • Now the web application does not display errors from browser plug-ins or third-party scripts.

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